Dyl Campaign

RL Date: 08.15.10

Campaign notes:

Dyliana’s latest campaign started out mid-dream. Rosita in peril. Dyl has super-soaker of holy water. Free sister, but Rosita bitten. Get to Rosi, grab her (burn hand), fly away. Sister wake up, disappear. Dyl wake in bed, hand still burned. Call home – Rosi freaking out from bite. Dyl calms parents – will visit that night. Talks to boyfriend – disturbed he’s hiding something.

Kyrissa arrives with letter from Lord Wainwright – blood-to-water could be a sign of the apocalypse, but could also me a ruse attacking the Tremere while diverting suspicion from the true source. Kyrissa forced to research all night and desperate for blood – both go to desk for new blood reserves. Dyl goes to smoke with Taz, plans to works out, talks to Alex. Scuffle in front of building – Alex grabs bat, investigate – flower delivery guy from Kamel – roughed up by security. Oops, sorry. Damn, Alex didn’t get to kill anyone. Send for new flowers.

Dyl back to room, talk to Christian, who’s having his own adventures saving new souls from Specters.

Summoned to Roreca’s office, talk about dream, sister’s powers. Roreca reveals been waiting Dyl’s family and Dyl shouldn’t worry. Roreca rubs powder on Dyl’s wounds, touches, gives Dyl ointment for hand.

Evening, Dyl visits family, checks wound. Looks blackened and ugly. Wait, Jing-Wei arrives, surprising bedside manner, treats, takes samples. Gives Dyl ride back to Chantry; warmth disappears once away from non-Tremere.