Dyl woke up without feeling as if she had had any rest at all. But also no dreams and no monsters either. She checked email, sent texts to Kahmel and had the realtor send over prints and info on a few houses and condos she had found. Dyl was restless and wanted to be active so after a cigarette, she headed to the gym. Though she jogged for about an hour and practiced Jujitsu, her nervous energy never dissipated.

Back in her room, Dyl received the printouts of Alex's music that she had requested from the library and set about trying to analyze the lyrics while listening to the music. A scholarly perusal provided a plethora of portents and signs that fit with all of the prophetic texts Dyl had previously been familiar with. But the feeling of being enveloped by the music -- the feeling of dread and imminent doom -- was not present the way it had been in the car. She considered putting on headphones and discontinuing reading along to see if the feeling came back when she was immersed. But before she could do so, Alex knocked on her door and told her she was listening to the music all wrong.

She and Alex decided to blow off some steam together at the shooting range. At least until it got late enough that other vampires would be awake; Dyl did not want to dream travel with Alex unless other Tremere were awake to help out if there were problems.

So first, many many cigarettes and discussion of how fucked up it was that Jing had so much of Dyl's blood. Then to the shooting range, where Taz loaded them up with hand cannons to rocket launchers... figuratively speaking. He taught them how to use a lot of the more advanced rifles, including how to send blood to extremities to deal with the kickback. Also - how to tell dragon's breath rounds by smell (couldn't show me though cause the T don't trust the ghouls with such things), What kind of bullets use to make the silver bullets stay in werewolves, different hollow points.

After shooting, Alex and Dyl came up with a plan -- a common place where Alex was comfortable that they could meet in the dream world. Alex would go to sleep thinking of that place...imagining herself there...attempting to lucid dream herself into the correct place. Dyl would wait and then join Alex in Alex's dream -- where ever it was.

Dyl laid down to meditate herself to sleep and was suddenly in the midst of a punk club. Alexandria Westrick was on stage singing -- screaming -- with her band and the crowd was insane. As Dyl wondered if she would find a lucid or dreamstate Alex, she turned to Dyl locked eyes and gave her a wild but enthusiastic grin.