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Valdar is a PC in the campaign The Second Dawn.

Appearance: Short and tan, with brown hair.

Valdar’s life path was set from birth. Brought up to follow a long family tradition as a cleric of Bahamut, he spent his formative years under the tutelage of his father, Valrain the Farsighted, and his father’s closest friend, Belagar. Together they traveled far and wide, offering the friendship and service of their order to nobles and peasants alike in many lands, and rooting out servants of evil wherever they were found. In one tragic night while journeying through the wild, Valrain was killed in a sudden attack of retribution by the order’s enemies. Though Valdar and Belagar escaped, Valdar carried the guilt of his father’s death, having fallen asleep on his watch before the fateful raid. Resolved to honor Valrain’s memory by continuing the work he cherished, Valdar completed his training to gain full status as a cleric, and then parted ways with Belagar to seek the good he might accomplish himself in the service of others.

Valdar is well traveled and knowledgeable about much of the world, and yet is reserved in personal contact with others, having little experience at the forefront of diplomatic situations. He is devout in his observance of the tenets of Bahamut, and dedicated in his compassion for others. He shows wisdom enough to withhold his judgment about anything until it is required, and to seek a peaceful solution to any conflict before resorting to violence.

Party Connections

Valdar is good friends with Mae, owing to his frequent visits to her family as part of diplomatic embassies by the clerics of Bahamut to the Feywild. The friendship between the two was partly spurred by Valdar’s discovery of her magic training sessions, making him a necessary confidant before her open practice of wizardry outside the Feywild. He has encountered her by chance in the town of Fallcrest and learned of her quest to find her missing brother, and he has enlisted her help in a mission.

He is previously acquainted with Zalbag as well, due to his diplomatic ties and a common service to Bahamut. Zalbag was prince of the city-kingdom of Ivalice and leader of its paladins. A short time ago, the two renewed their acquaintance when Zalbag visited the local temple, revealing that his kingdom has been conquered and he’s been driven out. They have done missions together for the temple, which leads into the first adventure.

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